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Quick, easy and flexible staff planning and scheduling

Save yourself precious time

Imagine never, ever having stress from staffing problems again. There’s always a pool of suitable, readily available personnel at your beck and call …

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Create the space to focus on growth and make time for what’s truly important: attracting new clients and raising your NPS score.

100% online communication

Inform the people in your talent pool via SMS text or email. Why? You’ll have 10% fewer no-shows and at least 67% fewer questions.

Anytime anywhere

Log in to Planda anytime, anywhere. It’s an online tool, always up-to-date and ready and waiting for you.

Need extra staff?

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Why Planda?

staff planning made easy

Planda is the ultimate tool for online personnel management. In just a few clicks, you manage flexible and temporary staff members: from shift workers to students and volunteers. Planda is your partner for quickly building up a pool of employees, for fast, smooth staff planning and for all the related administration.

With all your staff data always at hand in a single clear system, you quickly schedule rosters, plan shifts and allocate teams. You’ll save time with the automatic communication and administration. Even drafting and sending work schedules requires nothing more than a few clicks.

Planda has high hug value

Planda is not just the most complete planning tool, it’s also the most user-friendly planning instrument on the market. This makes working with with Planda a joy. Plus, it’s easy to link Planda to other HR software, making your day-to-day tasks run more efficiently than ever. You’ll want to give Planda a cuddle when you see how helpful it is and how much time and stress it saves you!

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