As easy as chewing bamboo

Planda makes it easy for you. Rely on Planda and you’ll have accurate planning and scheduling, minimum manual intervention and once-heavy administration will be as light as a feather.

Link to your software

It’s easy for you to connect Planda to other business tools: whether they’re standard and use import-export modules, or tailored and rely on links. Why? Because Planda joins forces with leading HR services and payroll companies and other business software. Plus, we continuously make new connections for the ultimate Planda experience.

Staff pool

After you put together a pool of potential workers, you’ll quickly and easily be able to recruit from the right, flexible personnel based on codes or tags you are free to choose. Base them on certificates, degrees, experience or the criteria most important for you.

Personnel needs

Map out your staff needs at lightning speed, whether it’s to put teams together or plan for a project. Add the number of staff members, the exact work hours and so forth. You’ll always know exactly where you are.

Staff pool management

How much time will you save with a clear overview of your personnel pool? A lot. And even more when you make groups using your own codes or tags based on language skills, mobility and experience. It’s the perfect foundation for the perfect match.


Email or text a personalised job proposal to the profiles in your pool that have the right skills.

Access rights

Manage the access rights so your employees can only consult and manage the profiles relevant to them. Different roles are given specific rights.