Planda knows the right approach

Find out how Planda helps you with your staff management.

3 times as fast

Digitise your staff management. With one push of the button, you’ll have the perfect match thanks to the automatic selection criteria.

10% fewer no-shows

Raise the involvement of your flexible staff members thanks to short, digital communication lines: SMS and email.

2 times as easy

Your staff management will run twice as quickly thanks to the clever planning and scheduling functions.

50% cheaper

You’ll make drastic savings on your staff planning and scheduling costs thanks to digital, automatic personnel pool management. At the same time, you’ll increase the quality of your selections.

75% fewer human errors

One click is all it takes to export your planning schedule into a clear, easy-to-read Excel format that you import into your ERP package quickly and flawlessly.

100% secure data management

Computerpanne, serverproblemen, virussen, … Geen probleem! Je personeelsdata zijn altijd 100% veilig en up to date in de Planda-cloud.

100% clear communication

Communicate quickly, clearly and digitally via SMS text or email. No misunderstandings and drastically fewer no-shows.

67% fewer questions

You coach your flexible or temporary workers online and send them clear, up-to-date instructions. Everyone knows exactly what they’re required to do.